Driving Should Be Hassle-Free

Driving Should Be Hassle-Free

In Just 5 Easy Steps

Step 1

Decide on the vehicle model of your choice

Step 2

Decide on the
duration of lease

Step 3

Select a lease
package that is
suitable for you

Step 4

Drive the
vehicle away

Step 5

Return vehicle
when leasing
period is over

Why buy when you can lease?

Zero Downpayment

Drive your preferred vehicle away without down payment.

Zero Service and Maintenance Risk

Eliminate unexpected repairs and maintenance costs.

Zero Downtime

Enjoy the usage of a replacement vehicle when your vehicle is in the workshop.

Zero Insurance Premium Risk

Your monthly lease payment that covers insurance is fixed throughout the lease. No increase in insurance premium due to unforeseen road events.

Zero Disposal Risk

When you are done driving, simply return the vehicle to us. You need not worry about the disposal value of your vehicle which can fluctuate with market conditions.

*Terms and conditions apply

Leasing Packages

Basic Service Lease Package

Full-Service Lease Package

Zero Down Payment

Fixed Monthly Payment

Insurance & Road Tax

Usage in SG & West Malaysia

Unlimited Mileage

Replacement Vehicle

Vehicle Pick-Up & Delivery (concierge service)

Service & Maintenance

Wear & Tear Replacement

24-hr Roadside Assistance

FLEX IT! (Option only for Mercedes-Benz lease)

FLEX IT! (Option only for Mercedes-Benz lease)
Flexible termination after 3 years

Loyalty cash rebate